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"I Support the Quest for the Cure"

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Cancer Kids

What an awsome Comic, if only more little girls would feel this way!

Welcome to BellaWoman, Where Curves are celebrated. As a Curvy woman (6'2 , size 20) I know what its like to have the blues when i cant get into last years clothes, or when i cant find any clothes that dont feel like i am wearing a tent. For years i had to look at my sister who was slender gorgous and blond, they used to call her the living Barbie Doll. I hated my bodie from the start. All throu school i was called, Fat, Ugly , Hippo, to name a few. I had been throu the Mercy Dates from my male friends, knowing full well they dident really find me attractive, when ever girl except me wore a size 3. I was Mad, and depressed and lost all at the same time. I felt like i would never fit in , let alone fit into my clothes! I stop Dating all together,not that i really dated anyways, who would date a "fat" Giantess like me?

Then i learn to Stop looking for someone to just see past my curves . I wanted a man that would LOVE them. I begain reading Mode Magizine, and started shoping at Penningtons. I threw away my old gruby t-shirts and found my stlye. The Pure Joy of finnly being able to Grab a armful of clothes and not hear "We dont Carry that Size" Was the greatest moment ever! I learn somthing esle, i dident need a man , I was Beautiful, Sexy , Fun , and i deserved to be happy darn it! When i learned that i found the love of my life, He loves my Curves , he says he would never want to be with a woman who was a rack, we need to lisen to what are hearts say, not what the Media says is Beautiful.

Say these things to yourself everday!

I am Confident, smart, sexy, wise , and I deserve to be happy!

I can Enjoy life to the Fullest, and forget about worry about how many carlories are in my choclate cake

I have been worsip by centiures by men, because i am all woman

I urge you woman out there who are viewing this page to Lisen, YOU ARE BEATUIFUL ! You are a BellaWoman!

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